Every artist stands on the shoulders of many predecessors.   Through their artworks, I came to see the world better. In this almost endless line, there is one artist who is easily recognizable in my work. 

André Cadere was active between 1970 and his death in 1978. At that time you could have come across him at an opening with his mobile sculpture, his “barre ronde de bois”.   
The photo shows me with Hans Eijkelboom during an opening (March 23 2024) at the Kröller-Müller Museum.  

The mobile sculpture in my hand I call staff. The wood of this staff (#103) was felled by beavers and delivered to my studio by rivers.

André Cadere would have turned 90 this year.

Staff #103, ready to travel in a suitcase.

Into the Wild

Ans Verdijk goes into the wild with staf # 94 (The wood for this staff was felled by beavers. Then delivered by rivers to the artist’s studio.)
Staff # 94 158cm private collection

‘Woeste Grond’

Filmmaker Nina de Vroome  at the exhibition Woeste Grond. The two staffs, on the left (#93) and on the right (#94), were felled by beavers and then transported by rivers to the artist studio.  Each staff is the perfect tool to receive signals from the cosmos or to get into connection with Mother Earth. 

Mother & Child

Inspired by the medieval polychromatic wooden sculptures of mother and child, Frank Bezemer explores contemporary relationships between mother and child. ( Anneke with staf # 97, also known as maatstaf II, and Taeke with staf #14 )