The carrier is a birch branch. In the backyard of the studio I find the right branch or tree.

The separation of the colours is not suggestive but real. This means that every colour has to be applied to a separated piece. The thickness of the trunk determines the length of the piece to be sawn off.

A maximum of ten different colours per work. The choice of ten colours stems from the number of words that exist for colours in my Dutch mother tongue (black and white included).

Each work consists of a 28-part structure. The ten different colours are situated in the middle. Nine of the ten colours repeat themselves through mirroring, and subsequently, a flaw is added. Together they add up to 28 parts.

The order of the ten colours is determined according to a self-constructed system of chance. The words for the ten colours in the middle are arranged alphabetically. The 28-part structure then determines the colour of the other 18 elements.