The Roman Mysterie

Two thousand years ago local Dutch inhabitants (Batavian tribes) cooperated with the Italian conquerors (the Romans). Today it’s policy in archeology to no longer discover settlements but preserve them for future generations. This is an example of such a site. The whole site has been packed with twenty inch of sand.

To add to the mystery of the unrevealed archeological site the artist developed a street enlightment that reacts at random on movements on the track .

Before entering the site the artist planted three sweet chestnut trees to remind people of the Roman past.┬áIn this way he links the introduction of the chestnut tree by the Romans with today’s food.

At night the random lights makes you speculate about the dark history of the Batavians.

In the day light you can experience (and taste) the sweet chestnut trees.

Robinson Thomasia and two friends at the access to the archeological site